I spent the majority of my teens and early twenties worrying about my skin. It was bumpy, oily and congested and it was all I could think about. So I did what any young girl would do - I aggressively tried to make it look better! I scrubbed it, picked it and covered it in toxic products and prescriptions from my dermatologist.

I didn't realize it at the time, but the appearance of my skin was a physical manifestation of what was going on inside of my body. My body was sending me messages - I just wasn't listening. This is why I love starting with skin. It's an easy "in", an easy way to begin evaluating our relationship with food, with our environment and with ourselves.

Get ready to learn how to holistically self-care & reveal the most radiant you!

Mindful Beauty Coaching - Available via Skype!

My Mindful Beauty Program is a holistic approach to beauty that takes into consideration you as a whole person, not you separately from your skin. We spend time talking about stress, diet, lifestyle factors, food allergies and natural skincare - finish with an understanding of what your body has been asking for all along!

What to expect:

  • A thorough 8 session coaching experience that provides you the tools to care for yourself, from the inside - out!
  • Expect to cover:
    • Mindful Beauty Basics: Beauty Ideals & Body Image
    • Nutrition 101 & Key Nutrients for Skincare
    • Food Allergies - What They Are & How to Manage
    • Stress Management & Daily Mindful Mantras
    • Natural Skincare & What to Look For
    • Aromatherapy Basics & How to Blend
    • DIY Skincare Recipes to Get You Started
    • Your Beauty Pantry: Anti-inflammatory Ingredients to Keep Your Skin Looking its Best!

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